Hi I'm Madeleine — creative at work and in life! Take a look around, hopefully you'll like it as much as I do (:



She is a….

Results-driven marketing specialist with a strong foundation in graphic design and branding, seeking to leverage a unique blend of creative expertise and strategic marketing acumen. With a track record of developing and executing successful multi-channel marketing campaigns, my goal is to contribute my skills in visual storytelling, brand identity development, and marketing to enhance brand recognition and drive customer engagement. I am dedicated to crafting compelling and cohesive brand narratives that resonate with target audiences, while utilizing design principles to create visually impactful materials that amplify the brand message.

Eager to join a dynamic team where I can apply my passion for design and marketing to elevate brands and deliver measurable results.

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What She Does

Graphic Design

Conceptualized and designed impactful visual assets, turning concepts and ideas into compelling and creative design solutions.


Modernizing and revitalizing client identity, resulting in enhanced brand recognition.

Web UX

Intuitive and user-centered web interfaces, optimizing user flow and enhancing user satisfaction.


Develop and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns, resulting in an increase in lead generation and brand visibility.

She Designs

Design examples include work from tech start up – BenefitsApp. Also included, are design projects created for freelance logo design, wedding invitations, & fun. I hope to keep building my portfolio through new graphic design opportunities.

Logo Design

Coming Soon

Just For Fun

Coming Soon

What Makes Her, Her?

A short introduction to yours truly outside of the work zone. I am a woman who loves to live life to the fullest, grasping at any opportunity to live big, love what I do and who I am constantly growing to be! 


I am the oldest of three children of Joanne and Rich (The best parents ever), I learned to lead by example early on in life.


I love all games but with the perfect blend of strategy & Luck, Backgammon is one of my favorites... the game has taught me competitive edge while keeping my humility.

Being On the Water

Be it a day on the beach or an evening boat ride, the water inspires me. Keeping my cool in choppy situations or learning to appreciate the calm times life gives me.


I surround myself with color and art to keep my creative senses at attention, making paintings for myself and friends to bring light and bright colors to our everyday lives.

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