Branding & Corporate Graphics

Modern and revitalized branding solutions


Creating a strong and identifiable personality that can be implemented into company wide resources to show who you are as a company.

Look & Feel

Choosing color, typeface, imagery and more that will convey the look & feel of a new brand identity bring the personality to life across digital and print media.


Connecting media by implementing an updated brand identity with a new look & feel bring resonance to potential clients, and product users through visuals seen across any and all marketing platforms.

Work Examples

Madeleine Rebrands BenefitsApp

Below you will see the different aspects of a company rebrand created and implemented by Madeleine for Baltimore based tech startup BenefitsApp. A mobile benefits solution for human resources, turned into a white label product that creates an ease of use and access to information across multiple verticals in the app space. 

BenefitsApp Before Rebranding

New Brand Guidelines

2021 Brand Style Guide Introduction
Abridged Style Guide

New Brand Implementation

more Examples

Welcome Screen Redesign